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What We Seek to Hide by E.R. Smith #WritePhoto

Murkiness below, selfish excess, of so much to buy, so little need yet media says to impress, Coaching watches, silencing head sets, like mink coats in California   Keep reading: What We Seek to Hide #WritePhoto

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A Stranger might just change your life – by K.L. Caley #Writephoto.

I slumped in my chair, the ale in front of me looked less than appetising, but what else could I do. It looked like there was no way into the castle. It was strong and secure, surrounded by ditches and … Continue reading

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What Shall I do Today?

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World’s in a bit of a mess at the moment, isn’t it? Wars and conflict. Trump in the US, Brexit in the UK. The ice caps melting, species becoming extinct, pollution, internet trolling, fake news, stabbings,…

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Bridge by Michael #writephoto

I wondered as I stood under the bridge who might have been here before me. The age of the thing and what that means fascinated me. I live in a young country, in western terms at any rate and we … Continue reading

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The river watches As spring blossoms wither And winter frosts the fertile vine And soft, quiet nights Beneath a lonely moon. We who wander Nature’s garden Follow water’s sacred song But see in harmony Only rain.  

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Bridge by Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

The troll had lived under the bridge for a long time, however he had finally decided it was time to move. The river was too polluted and the smell was making him sick. Every morning, the troll would sit at … Continue reading

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#FreeBook, blog awards, and other failures #humor, #SundayBlogShare

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No, seriously—you really should not have. I’m so proud to dedicate my life to blogging. And whirled peas. It seems to come in waves, but lately I’ve received a number of shoutouts/awards from lovely, wonderful,…

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Fragments of perception

Fragments of night rise from the road, scattering flecks of dawn on ebony wings. I watch the sun gild a horizon veiled in mist and see the earth blush at its touch. The morning song of birds drowns the sound … Continue reading

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Bent-Black-Sun-Day… Stuart France

* “There is one thing that still troubles me,” said Wen who really seemed to have the ‘Rapunzel’ thing stuck in her craw. “Yaas,” said Don, in his most irritating drawl. “Shouldn’t the seasons be sisters?” “On what grounds?” “Well, … Continue reading

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Paths #midnighthaiku

Multiple choices From the centre many paths Bewilder the mind * The spokes of a wheel In solar radiation From a single point * * Steep hills and deep dales Demanding and fatiguing Rob us of beauty * A river … Continue reading

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