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Meet Guest Author, Barb Drummond… at TRSA

Reblogged from TRSA: I began writing history via my involvement in a Healthy Walking Initiative. Plans were being made on designing routes to encourage local people to walk around the city, but when I asked why they would do so, … Continue reading

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Looking Out… Stuart France

* I have lain here for millennia watching ages pass. * Great beasts once roamed my slopes. I saw them take to the air. Their leathery calls scarring the sky. In a fiery eye-blink they were gone. * Continue reading … Continue reading

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Armoury Show… Stuart France

* The prosperous town of Armore was built next to a forest. Late one night Old-Man-Log came out of the forest and sat down in the middle of the town’s market square. He opened up the palm of his right … Continue reading

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Shaping the world

Back in the earliest days when mankind had his beginnings, it was the land and our response to it that had shaped us. It has been suggested that it was the long grass that caused us first to stand on … Continue reading

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Honour ~ Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

I liked walking around the little cathedral on rainy afternoons mid-week day because it was the quietest time. Everyone was busy at other places and ignored the grey stone structure tucked away in between the tall office buildings. The services … Continue reading

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Full Circle: Giants in the churchyard

The last of the winter light was beginning to fade as we left St Andrew’s and wandered out into the churchyard. In many respects, what awaited us outside was far more impressive and interesting than the Georgian interior. There were … Continue reading

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A story of ancient Egypt

“There was a time we did not walk the earth. A time when our nascent essence flowed, undifferentiated, in the Source of Being. We were not Gods, but were of God, the strands of our existence not yet teased apart … Continue reading

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Repetition #midnighthaiku

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Way-stone ~ Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

When we first moved to Uxbridge, the woman who sold us our house drove us around and the first thing she brought us to see was the Uxbridge Way-Stone. Erected and etched in the early 1600s, it was part of … Continue reading

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Morphology… Stuart France

* The image of myself * * I have made… * * is part of my environment… * * Continue reading at Stuart France

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