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Lands of Exile: Beck ‘n’ Call ~ A new book from France and Vincent!

PC 963 Kraas saw the figure first and instinctively backed away from it, principally because it was there and unexpected but also because it was tall and hooded, and its face could not be seen. Bark Jaw-Dark was busy watching … Continue reading

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Sheer Fantasy… Stuart France

* Ish-na-e-cha-ge, First-Born-Being, roamed among the Animal-Nations. He understood their ways and their languages. They beheld him in wonder and awe and could do nothing without his knowledge. He pitched his tent in the centre of the land and no … Continue reading

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Bent-Black-Sun-Day… Stuart France

  * “There is one thing that still troubles me,” said Wen who really seemed to have the ‘Rapunzel’ thing stuck in her craw. “Yaas,” said Don, in his most irritating drawl. “Shouldn’t the seasons be sisters?” “On what grounds?” … Continue reading

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…and Red-Fox. ~ Stuart France

* …In another part of the meadow Red-Fox was hunting mice for breakfast. He saw one and jumped on him with with all four feet but the little fellow got away. In his disappointment Red-Fox heard a distant call, “Bring … Continue reading

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…Buffalo… Stuart France

* …Buffalo trampled the grass and tore up the earth with his front hoofs but when he looked for Field-Mouse he was nowhere to be found. ‘That’s put an end to him,’ thought Buffalo. Just then he felt a scratching … Continue reading

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Field-Mouse… Stuart France

* Field-Mouse was out gathering wild-beans for winter when Buffalo came down to the meadow to graze. ‘He will mow down the long-grass with his prickly tongue and there will be no where left to hide,’ thought Field-Mouse, ‘I will … Continue reading

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Blade ~ Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

A time of despair lay cold breath upon the land. While Lord King Arthur retired within his chamber, sat alone, in cuckold’s grief. No consolation could he gain, from grieving wife, or courtly knights, Continue reading at Bobby Fairfield

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Sun, Moon and Stars… Stuart France

* … “Before Ogma, I swear. Before Sun and Moon and Stars, before Sky, Land and Sea, I swear. Before the Sidhe-Folk, I swear… Defenders of the land, victory and defeat are created in each of you. What I ask … Continue reading

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Forever Falls… Stuart France

* I was here When Ronald took the hot seat. I watched from afar, Appalled, When he called Diana, David And stumbled over lines which in His day of hay He would have chewed like baccy. Continue reading at Stuart … Continue reading

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Something round… Stuart France

* “How old is it?” “How old is what?” “The Turnip Lantern Tradition?” * * “It is truly ancient.” “That is good.” “There appear to be others who agree with you.” * * “A heartening sight.” * Continue reading at … Continue reading

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