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Dark Clouds from Life at 17 #writephoto

Dark clouds hovering over me, Casting shadows I can’t escape. Staring into the horizon, I keep on searching, For a speck of light, Continue reading : Dark Clouds

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On Being Smarter by Ken Decroo

Reblogged from Baja Moto Quest: Ken Decroo and Congo, African Elephant, Photo by Gale Cooper, 1981 Concerning the training of wild animals, I often speak on the importance of being smarter than the animal you’re training. When asked to elaborate … Continue reading

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Guest author: Kevin Morris – Visual impact

At approximately 18-months-old, I lost the majority of my eyesight due to a blood clot on the brain. While I can distinguish light and dark and discern the outline of objects, I am unable to see detail. So, for example, … Continue reading

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Of Low tide by Inia Jardine #writephoto

I just love the ocean so much, stormy or still, wild or calm, taking a long leisurely walk on the empty beach during soft rain or swimming in sunny weather. I am a child of the ocean. Well, an old … Continue reading

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How blue was my sky, by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

Sitting by the rocks, his legs half-dipped in icy waters, he stared into the distant horizon. When had he done this before – escaped from life’s madness – and watched the sun paint colours on the sky? That pleasure was … Continue reading

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Low Tide by Prajakta #writephoto

You work for it. You sweat for it. Shoot a dozen wishes to make it happen… Yet it keeps getting out of your reach. You chase it to a point and almost give up in exhaustion Maybe you pause and … Continue reading

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The Moons of Mountain Ana IX… Stuart France

* “So when do I get that drink you owe me?” “Soon…” * The warmth of silence as she threads the eye of a needle. * “I like your owl.” “It’s Minoan.” * Continue reading here

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Remembered #midnighthaiku

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