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But me from Life at 17 #writephoto

Life is in a mess, Like gutter with wastes, I feel so inadequate, so inadequate, Self doubt and insecurities filling me up, That’s when I see it blazing, That bridge, So big, so big, But on fire, The Bridge between … Continue reading

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Guest post: Jerry E. Smith – Hand is a verb

Between the hands is an awesome place. There, you  have the power to: Caress a loved one or strike out in anger. Build up a mountain of brick, mortar and concrete or Tear down a mountain of rock. Create volumes … Continue reading

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The Bridge #writephoto #shortstory

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Bridge of Sighs by Jan Malique #writephoto

My contribution to Sue’s photo prompt this week sees the return of an old, em, youngish old friend Little Troll. Like many trolls he lives under a bridge in a tardis like home but that’s where the similarity ends. He’s … Continue reading

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Porcelain ghosts With hearts of ice… Prisoners of steel Haunt a concrete universe, Poisoned by champagne And their fat god of desire. They wake in the dark, When night cools their fever; A broken child within Remembers itself, Longing for … Continue reading

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Bridge by Robbie Cheadle #writephoto

In the prayer position; He crouches on the ground; His dire need obvious; Without his uttering a sound.   At this traffic light he begs; Whether it’s shine or rain; Hair prematurely greying; Eyes darkened with pain. Continue reading: Thursday … Continue reading

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Bent-Red-Sun-Day… Stuart France

*  … “Oh, that’s good!” “Even though I don’t have a clue to what you’re referring.” “Ah, well I expect that particular quotation may have more to do with spring than autumn anyway.” “Or it may simply have something to … Continue reading

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Fantasy #midnighthaiku

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