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A few simple spices

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
I confess now that I am not what you might describe as an accomplished cook. There are a few simple dishes I can prepare, toast is one. But my admiration for the person who can…

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Microfiction #writephoto: Stones by Jane Dougherty

In the spring, the river was a torrent, unfordable and violent. Sometimes it reached the parapet of the bridge. Once the parapet had been washed away. The bridge squatted astride the water, waiting patiently for the next onslaught. The bridge … Continue reading

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Guest author: D. J. Farrington – Burning Belief

I’ve never had children.  Never had a maternal instinct in my life.  But that, I’m sure, is due to my remembering my past death.  A long, slow, agonising attempt to give birth, over three days, without success, obviously. It’s relatively … Continue reading

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Underbelly  by Reena #writephoto

Under the tough exterior lies a lot of pain. Neanderthals deserted by civilization Denied dignity, leading to Endemic violence Raw emotions rise in the strife for survival. Continue reading: Underbelly

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 Bridge by pensitivity #writephoto

The colour reminded her of raspberry blancmange, but there pleasant similarity ended. These murky waters were strewn with rubbish, rotting food, even an old mattress. The River Dummer bore a revised sign, an ‘m’ having been replaced with PST by … Continue reading

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Bridge by Henrietta Watson #writephoto

The Bridge Monster John is driving across the bridge.There is a big monster that comes across the bridge. John tries to drive away but the monster grabs him. The monster has taken over the bridge. If anyone crosses the bridge … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Arse

Queen Victoria may not have been amused by the local name for the cavern, but it seems a perfect description of the place in many ways. The vast cave mouth is the largest of its kind in Britain and is … Continue reading

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Keys to the House of Don II … Stuart France

* …’Wen is still worried about the insanity of it all… but fairy stories only appear insane to us now because we have become so separated from truth… As children we accepted their subconscious logic intuitively. It both satisfied our … Continue reading

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Traffic #midnighthaiku #writespiration

Minds like motorways Choked by persistent traffic Always under stress * Senses bombarded Thoughts jostle for position Seeking precedence * Illusory goals The destination unknown Eroding being * Life is the fuel Squandered on frantic motion Too far and too … Continue reading

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