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What’s on Kenyavision?

Originally posted on Considerings:
I stepped off the plane into the Nairobi night, expecting to be hit by a wall of heat, like I’d read in books. I was waiting for something akin to opening the door of a blast…

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The Porch by Sarah Brentyn #WritePhoto

She was about five when she stopped crying. But she still crawled into bed with me. Me. The broken one, the brave one, the older one. My identity was older sister. I’d been alive three years longer than she. That’s … Continue reading

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Guest author: S. Jackson – Regarding Child Loss

I’m not the woman I once was…I know the hurt, the battle within. I’m not the woman I once was… I’m not the mama I once was… but I’m me, please take me as I am, full of flaws… I … Continue reading

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Microfiction #writephoto: Tryst by Jane Dougherty

This is for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt. Inspiration didn’t come immediately for this one. When I started the story, hesitantly, just setting the scene, I didn’t know what tale the character was going to tell. I let her tell it … Continue reading

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For Colleen’s tanka challenge

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#writephoto Destined To Meet by Pamela Morse

The long trek to the remote village has exhausted the group.  The backpacks grew heavy as they walked for miles in the woods.  They had all come to be part of a writers’ retreat designed to spark creativity.  The accommodations … Continue reading

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Unremarked, now…

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Unremarked, now, I was the way Beneath which water flowed Too deep for market’s harvest Too deep for children’s naked feet Too deep to be the path ❊ Unremarked, now, the truth That ancient…

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#writephoto – Tryst by Helen Jones

This week’s prompt for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge is yet another gorgeous photo. Here is my response:       Purple Sky ‘I’ve always loved this time of day’, she said, Her hair shaded purple in the fading light. Her … Continue reading

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New directions

“I need to update you on bent-tail fish,” said my son down the phone. This could not be good. Poor bent-tail has been struggling with his infirmities for a while and we knew it could be only a matter of … Continue reading

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Reynard’s Return… Stuart France

* “Is that it?” says Wen, somewhat nonplussed. “More or less.” “Well, there should be more, surely?” “Oh, but there is more, much more, but we are here only concerned with giving a skeletal outline of what was once the … Continue reading

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