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The predator within

“Don’t worry…” “It’s probably nothing…” “I’m probably just being daft but…” How often do we hear words like these, keeping a bright smile firmly glued to immobile faces as fear strides in and starts clawing at our entrails? We recognise … Continue reading

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Making Waves

“I’ll do it.” I found myself with empty hands as my son took over, concern for my dodgy back making him move the heavy sack of soil. There will be many things he cannot help with as we begin to … Continue reading

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A change in the weather

There was something wrong… something missing from the world as I walked the few paces to the car. I couldn’t put my finger on it at all, but I was very clear on the essential fact. There was something … … Continue reading

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Listen to the Birds ~ Jeff Grant

Reblogged from besonian: I will remember the December just gone as having been mostly grey and grim. And wet. On many days, in the little park below my kitchen window, the leaden skies seemed to hang so low they could … Continue reading

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Darkness Before the Dawn ~ Bela Johnson

Reblogged from belas bright ideas: Humbled by an ending which is only the beginning, I slowly row my boat toward shore, but find there is no safe harbor, no spit of earth on which to land, so I gather up … Continue reading

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I was awake far too early again this morning. Moonlight wandered in and dream-filled eyes looked out. The sky was still dark and the stars were hidden behind cloud and mist. I had been half awake for some time, thinking … Continue reading

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Close to home

I had occasion recently to talk with someone whose actions had once caused me a good deal of pain. I was asked, in the light of later maturity, if I could ever forgive them. I found that I could not. … Continue reading

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Telling tales

I was talking with a friend, as you do, comparing notes over coffee and a few thousand miles. He described his own spiritual tradition as ‘walking in Beauty’. That, I thought, was a wonderful way to describe any path. Yet … Continue reading

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A Random Act of Kindness ~ Jeff Grant

Reblogged from Besonian: A long time ago, I was eight years old. I was an only child. I lived with my mother and grandmother in a small town in the south Midlands. We had little money. Mum worked in a … Continue reading

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Half-seeing ~ Steve Tanham

Image: ©️Stephen Tanham The spiritual teacher and philosopher Krishnamurti once wrote: ‘Recognition dulls the mind’. When I first read it, years ago, I disagreed with his proposition. Surely, I reasoned, the act of recognition is a result of intelligence? We … Continue reading

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