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WHAT’S UP DOC? Lines of communication III…

* … Bugs… The small rabbit came closer to his companion, lolloping on long hind legs. “Let’s go a bit further, Hazel,’ he said. “You know, there’s something strange about the warren this evening, although I can’t tell exactly what … Continue reading

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OK – so there is no point. Now what? – Jeff Grant

Reblogged from besonian:  I never managed to figure out what organized religion was actually about. It wasn’t for want of trying. I wanted to know. From almost as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a deep sense of there … Continue reading

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There’s even an app for that…

The air was redolent with incense with a vague hint of coffee and Indian chai masala. Outside, the birds were singing in the unexpected sunshine. A monkey screeched from the depths of the bed covers, stopping the conversation in mid … Continue reading

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The heartbeat of eternity

Peering at the faded remains of a dark ‘instant’ photo from the seventies, I felt both close to and distant from the young woman silhouetted against the fence. Her future is my memory. She was still a schoolgirl, yet to … Continue reading

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Is there a point to all this? (4) – Jeff Grant

Reblogged from Besonian:  “Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend, Before we too into the Dust descend. Dust unto Dust and under Dust to lie, sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer – and sans End!” Is there … Continue reading

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The Time Vampires – Steve Tanham

It’s a tough one, this. I love technology and I have a lasting belief that it has brought us a lot of good… but a nasty feeling that we are touching some of its ‘dark edges’; brought on, not because … Continue reading

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Window – Elizabeth #writephoto

behind those windows peace and tranquility just what i need right now and forever a room of solitude but to reach it the mind needs to rip apart all thorns and fences mindfulness focus on the roses Source: Tea and … Continue reading

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Never look Back? – Steve Tanham

Never look back! It’s an adage that makes a lot of sense. It also characterises a certain stage of mystical development – a point at which the aspirant comes to realise that the only place of reality in our lives … Continue reading

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Is there a point to all this? Reblogged from besonian

A few days ago, I came across a newspaper article discussing how, in recent years, sales of self-help/spirituality/mindfulness books have burgeoned in the UK. Given the present state of this country – and a few others around the world – … Continue reading

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Watchers #writephoto D. Wallace Peach

I There are moments when the eye is beguiled and the old brain fails to glean meaning in signals relayed through rods and cones, the biological light-catchers coloring our worlds. Continue reading: Watchers #writephoto | Myths of the Mirror

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