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Circuits ~ Kerfe Roig #writephoto

Begin with the labyrinth.  The center holds the light.  The center lies outside, beyond opening.  Beyond thought. Beyond the perimeter. It blends and compasses, hugging the coastline of sight. It is letting go, Continue reading at methodtwomadness

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The wounded heart of Paris

The white dome of the Sacré-Cœur, floating like some fairy tale castle against the blackness was my very first glimpse of Paris. It was a school trip, we were no more than children… and I fell in love with the … Continue reading

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The light filled centre ~ Suzanne #writephoto

The search had take so long – most of her life really.   Born in tumultuous times to passionate and volatile parents, upheaval and dissonance had been Christine’s story since earliest childhood.   Searching for a some place to call home – … Continue reading

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A Dream Too Far Beyond My Courage ~ Peter Wells

Reblogged from Counting Ducks: You lived creatively letting art define your life, fearless in your every day, walking the path I would have walked if I had courage in my veins; but I was a percentage man, careful always not … Continue reading

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Finding joy…

““And then, right on cue as it were, in walks our angel.” “Oh, you mean the old woman with the radiant face and sparkly eyes.” “Ah ha, you see, even you noticed her radiant face, bit of a giveaway that … Continue reading

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Blog Tour: Everything going swimmingly ~ Jim Webster

Previous chapters in this tale can be found scattered across the blogosphere…. 1) For want of a knight ​​2) The eyes have it 3) The miser and the demon 4) Just one more glass 5) Occasionally one has to do … Continue reading

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Wonderful #midnighthaiku

Imagination Inexhaustible riches Weird and wonderful The illustration is by French artist Thierry Arnault, who I met one evening in Paris long ago.  Three pieces of art, including this one, encapsulate so much of my years hanging out in Montmartre…

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A new start ~ Suzanne #writephoto

As the sun rose over the rooftops like a searing ball of flame another day of excessive heat was born. The couple out for an early morning fitness walk stopped in their tracks and viewed the spectacle. “I feel so … Continue reading

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Mirror ~ Antonia Sara Zenkevitch #writephoto

Mirror; berobbed weapon scrying, warning, being wars of crimson in reflective turning locks of cloud and smoke in air flat-blade, Yet it was peace he sought in this crusade turning locks of cloud and smoke in air Continue reading at … Continue reading

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Reality and Imagination ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Brooding eyes, blasé yet discreet Discerning depth of dark images Wriggling away from the light That glows to glean truth Unstated grievances creep out When I look within All of you crawl like worms Some faces visibly distraught Continue reading … Continue reading

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