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Living in Colour

It is New Year’s Eve. Everywhere are posts about the year in review or hopes for the coming one. It’s sort of obligatory.  A mini rite of passage as the old year fades and the new comes to birth. So … Continue reading

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Flying kites…

The original post from 22nd March, 2013 in which Sue describes day three of our adventures in what was to become the story of, The Initiate… I woke yesterday to two lines in my inbox that brought a sense of … Continue reading

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Little gems – All Saints, Burton Dassett III

The paintings of the north transept with their beheaded saint and crowned figures  would have been enough and well worth the visit. On this wall alone there are layers of decative themes, from figures to foliage, curlicues and stars. There … Continue reading

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Little gems – All Saints, Burton Dassett II

There is a calm, clean feeling to the church of All Saints in Burton Dassett. It isn’t just the limewashed walls or the plain glass in the windows… not the stone flagged floor or the mefdieval tiles. It is something … Continue reading

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Scryer of Time…

* Scryer of Time. On sky weathered stone our accidental tourist has stepped through long horned, shaggy coated, cattle to glean and ponder the sun in rippled grain: Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Discovering Albion – day 7: It Just Kept Coming…

The trouble with Brechin is that no sooner had you marvelled at the Aldbar Cross than you were confronted by the hogback… and all the rest of the stones safely stored in the corner. Now, we had, as you may … Continue reading

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The Waters of Life

“We, like the earth, arose from the Waters of Chaos. A point of Becoming in the potential that Became. It was all there… everything that is, was and will be… all that might be… in that single moment; complete, yet … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – Day 3: The Art of Faith

We were still in the cathedral, marvelling at both the tangible history and the artistry… far too much to show or to even take in. Everywhere you look, every surface from floor to ceiling bears the evidence of care and … Continue reading

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* Wherever the spirit of industry triumphs over the aristocratic spirit woman aspires to the economic and legal independence of a clerk. * Continue reading at France & Vincent  

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Quick Pint at the Pig and Ferret Pub ~ Usual Muttwits

“Checkers? Who’s askin’ then? Useless mutt. Was normal when ‘e ‘ad four pins, lyk, but now..? There’s a reason I never bring him down the P and F. Three legs! Enough to put yuz off your pint and scratchlings, init! … Continue reading

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