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Glow ~ Paula Light #writephoto

“Let’s use the darker shades now to layer our sky,” Anita instructed. “We want to get a sense of the deep lavender hues of the waning night, and then we’ll put the bright light of the golden sun last.” She … Continue reading

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Capture #midnighthaiku

The artist’s hand moves Moments in time forever captured Living beauty stilled

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The Waters of Life

“We, like the earth, arose from the Waters of Chaos. A point of Becoming in the potential that Became. It was all there… everything that is, was and will be… all that might be… in that single moment; complete, yet … Continue reading

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Dogs, Man’s Best Friend, as Illustrated by Art, From Once Upon a Time to the 20th Century via @patfurstenberg #dogs #art #history

Reblogged from Patricia Furstenberg… not only a reference to the Eipic of Gilgamesh, still close to our hearts after the April workshop, but also a particularly moving set of footprints from a prehistoric cave: The old claim that a dog … Continue reading

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Harbouring the Holy…

* Nemed of Scythia went westward until he reached the Great North Ocean. * Thirty-Four vessels his number, with thirty in each ship. * While sailing there appeared a golden tower on the sea close by. * When the sea … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Art of Roman Mosaic ~ Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: I’ve always loved mosaics. From jewellery set with tiny pieces of glass to sprawling floors, I’m fascinated by the alchemy of creating pictures from pieces of coloured stone. Years ago I even took several workshops … Continue reading

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Eyes for an Eye… Stuart France

* “You know of what I speak, Gandalf. A great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame.” * I recall struggling to formulate this image when first reading Tolkien’s masterpiece. Even with the help of the cover illustrations it seemed to me … Continue reading

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Art #midnighthaiku

* Textures of summer Watercolours by nature Perfectly painted *

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Teigue… Stuart France

* O Teigue, where will one Shelter From wind, and sun, and rain When the trees have all gone? * Reblogged from Stuart France

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Who Can Suppress Love? ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto Their frenzy whirled with them Eons of wilderness within Seasons watched in awe Shrubs shrank to pay obeisance Berry Terry and Merry, The silent survivors of friendship Who couldn’t convince the world How dance drew them together … Continue reading

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