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Transition ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

All the time when we lived opposite and she was alive, I would envy the woman her house across the courtyard from mine. It was serene: the wonderful stone gable, the stout, reliable oak door, and a small, teak garden … Continue reading

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A Whispered Name – Penny Wilson #writephoto

The breeze brings The fragrance of Wildflowers And your skin Your touch, a whisper Your caress, my desire Your desire Continue reading at Penny Wilson Writes

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The Black Coat – Juhu – #writephoto

And the wise crow cawed louder, “Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall … Continue reading

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Lust for Life – Iain Kelly #writephoto

Waiting for the last rose petal to fall, the end of summer and autumn announced, she could feel the urge rising within her again. Through the latticed window the blood red colour spoke to her. The sun would dip behind … Continue reading

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What We Seek to Hide by E.R. Smith #WritePhoto

Murkiness below, selfish excess, of so much to buy, so little need yet media says to impress, Coaching watches, silencing head sets, like mink coats in California   Keep reading: What We Seek to Hide #WritePhoto

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Strangle Hold – Tree #writephoto from rivrvlogr

Reblogged from Ken at Rivrvlogr in response to the photo prompt: Reach as she might for the slightest relief from his obsession, there was no escape from his possession. To continue reading please visit: rivrvlogr  

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First, catch your fish…

I spent all morning in the garden. We have another dodgy looking fish. After losing Round Fish recently, I am keeping a close eye on the pond and spent a fair amount of the morning dangling over its rails, trying … Continue reading

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