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Liz Lloyd is Beetley Pete’s guest…

Reblogged from beetleypete: I am delighted to present a guest post from British blogger, Liz Lloyd. This is her own short bio. ‘After 35 years as a primary school teacher and school librarian, I started two blog sites based on … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent 2019! Getting it right… and a poem from Willow

Dear Santa, I’ve been thinking. I know you always bring me new toys and treats, but …and don’t tell her this… I prob’ly get more than enough treats all year and my toy box is overflowing.  I’ve still got loads … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Calendar 2018! Diets, Di and Maggie’s letter

She’s threatening to put me on a diet. Just before Christmas! She says I’m getting old and fat…well, she should know all about that! And if she even thinks about mentioning my rear end…well..! Too many treats, she says, and … Continue reading

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Awiti’s Tutoring ~ AHFA #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent Awiti stood at the gate, her slender fingers gripped the iron as she peered through at the impressive building of the school she wished she could go to.  She watched the white Afrikaan girls talking and … Continue reading

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First, catch your fish… #writephoto

I can’t remember when I last felt so tired. The past couple of weeks have been hectic… in the best possible way… what with the workshop, reconnecting with old friends while they are in the country and all the usual … Continue reading

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Twitching the curtains…

I stood at the window, doing the dishes and watching the sun set behind the houses. The old lady who lives at the end of the street walked by and smiled at me through the glass; there is no sense … Continue reading

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A quirk of fate – Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

He peeped inside and saw a creaking wobbly legged old wooden cot and lying on it an eighty year old woman spitting blood and bile onto the mud floors, her flaked skin and mangled bones spreading out all over like … Continue reading

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Beyond the doorstep

It is pitch black; like an idiot, I am teetering on a stool cleaning windows and muttering that there are far better ways to spend my life that doing chores. To say that I hate housework would be inaccurate. I … Continue reading

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I protest #InternationalChildrensDay

I protest. I protest against the poverty and hunger in which so many children are forced to live by failing societies where greed is an economic norm. In the UK, alone, one in four children officially live in poverty… yet … Continue reading

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Bridge by Robbie Cheadle #writephoto

In the prayer position; He crouches on the ground; His dire need obvious; Without his uttering a sound.   At this traffic light he begs; Whether it’s shine or rain; Hair prematurely greying; Eyes darkened with pain. Continue reading: Thursday … Continue reading

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