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Sticks and Stones by Geoffrey West

Reblogged from The Jack Lockwood Diaries: I pushed my friend from the first floor window ledge. His screams rang in my ears as I ran back home, crying my eyes out. It had all happened sixty-five years ago, and now, … Continue reading

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Guest blogger: Ben Snyder – Clouds and Determination

A startled gaze starts the day, as the clouds flow away. Everyone always has to say “Isn’t this a lovely day”. As the winds shift the clouds roll in quick. The temperature drops, as the wind never stops. I know … Continue reading

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Wise crows, raven-kin

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
? Wise crows, raven-kin Driven from your ancient trees What home will call you now? — Where cosy craft Of power’s secret circle Convinces gentle folk That cut and death and burn Deliver best…

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Microfiction #writephoto: Pandora by Jane Dougherty

There was something strange about the couple at the house on the hill. They had been in the village no time and already their names cropped up everywhere: he on the board of governors of the local school, though they … Continue reading

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Too nice? Another tale from Tallis Steelyard

Talopian Hearsan was one of those people I just somehow never took too. I’m not sure why to be honest; he was always polite and respectful to a poet of my status. The problem was perhaps that he was too … Continue reading

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Flame by Lady Lee #writephoto

The breeze made me shiver. With the open window, he approached me. Eyes shining, glossing over, he kissed me. I was in paradise! His scents comparable to an allspice. And I thought, wow, that was so nice. Short and sweet, … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Special Offer of Almost Human on Kindle

Kenneth L. Decroo To celebrate the Kindle release of Almost Human, you can download the book for $2.99. The only request the publisher has of anyone taking advantage of this offer is to consider writing a review in Amazon Books. … Continue reading

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The exploding tea-drinker

“She’s going to blow!” The gentlemen may have found it amusing. I did not. We had often stopped at this particular place for a pot of tea mid-afternoon and it was always a pleasant pause beside the fire of the … Continue reading

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Youth #midnighthaiku

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