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Guest author: Victoria Zigler – Infographics

Pictures and infographics.  Wonderful things, aren’t they? Everyone seems to think so.  But I don’t.  Personally, I hate infographics, and find picture heavy posts annoying. We live in a world where it’s assumed you have all five of your senses, … Continue reading

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Going west – and going in

It was either going to be spectacular…or very plain. Probably the latter, as we have found that with the highly decorated churches, it tends to be one or the other. It was, then, no surprise to open the door to … Continue reading

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Where were we? Going local…

We wouldn’t have much time, the three of us. My friends were arriving a mere day after I got home and one of them was away to London the next afternoon. Still, we had the evening and a meal at … Continue reading

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Meeting a friend…

I was conscious that my profile pic, fixed and recognisable as it is across various sites and book covers, is a couple of years old. The hair is no longer blazing red and now curls to my shoulders in its … Continue reading

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