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Bathtime-take two

Because my back is playing up… The pain is not a joke… I thought I’d run a nice, hot bath And have a proper soak. I’ve got a tub of Epsom salts, A remedy of yore, Perhaps they’d help a … Continue reading

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A ladder of angels… Bath Abbey

We had to  go to the Abbey while we were in Bath. There had been a brief initial look at the exterior before lunch, but we were still talking at full pelt, so had left the visit for a while, … Continue reading

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Aquae Sulis

Aquae Sulis… the waters of the Sulis… that was the Roman name for the city of Bath. It is easy to understand why when, since time immemorial, a hot and mineral-rich spring has welled from the ground; the only hot … Continue reading

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Bath with a friend

We finally made it to Bath. A little late, but standing in front of the Grand Pump Room, grinning and waving like a lunatic at the red-head in DMs and floral trousers at the other end of the street, it … Continue reading

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Another late night…

It is late. It has been another busy day and it is not over yet. I have still to return my son whence he came… Hades comes to mind. Once, that is, he has finished wallowing in my carefully hoarded … Continue reading

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Mission accomplished

The room smells of incense… clouds of the stuff are billowing through the dim light. Ani is chasing moths and ignoring me. She may not speak to me ever again… or at least for five minutes; she’s had a bath … Continue reading

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