A Glastonbury Sanctuary

Tomorrow is the final day of the Glastonbury Sanctuary appeal to create a peaceful space for seekers and pilgrims of all paths… they still need a few more pledges of £25 in order to reach their target. Please help if you can, in any way that you can.

You can find full details of the appeal and the vision  by clicking here. At present all they need is your pledge.

Nick and Ani 060Glastonbury – Avalon to many – has been a major place of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages, and today draws people from every faith and path. It is in this tradition that the Pilgrim Reception Centre, a not-for-profit organisation, was founded. Since its beginnings in 2007 the PRC, an organisation supportive of all faiths and beliefs, has become a living bridge within the community between the  more than 70 practising faiths and beliefs represented in the town and welcomed thousands of spiritual seekers of every path through its doors. In this time the PRC has gained the respect of spiritual and secular communities and the Unity Candle has become a central symbol of something deeper than coexistence, its flame burns with the light of understanding.

The Pilgrim Reception Centre itself is located at the heart of Glastonbury and is a peaceful, quiet space. It is hoped that the main room of the centre can be transformed into a Sanctuary, continuing the ages old tradition and offering “a sacred environment that is not affiliated to any one belief – a nurturing, nourishing space where Glastonbury residents, pilgrims and visitors can share their experiences and relax in a gentle atmosphere that celebrates and inspires our Unity through Diversity.” For this, the PRC needs your help. Please like and share the Facebook page, visit their webpage, or share this post and help spread the word. Please visit the PRC website for full details of the appeal and to make your pledge. 

UntitledThis is how you can help...

We are looking for what we have fondly come to refer to as                    The Glastonbury 500’
These are individuals and organisations that pledge £25.00

500 pledges of £25 will sustain us for 12 months.
Your donation will take us into the future and your spiritual support will help enrich our Sanctuary, spreading the message of unity through diversity all
over the world.

The continuation of the PRC and the formation of a Sanctuary is dependant on your enduring dedication and financial sponsorship. We  give gratitude for your commitment and for what you have already helped us achieve and we hope you will support and join us for the next phase of our exciting journey. 

200  pledges before  20 March 2014 will give us the momentum we need to take this forward.

We are also looking for the ‘Glastonbury Angels

These are individuals and organisations that can donate their skills, time and any smaller amount of money.

Seamstresses, Artists, Woodworkers & Carpenters, Painters, Administrators, Creative Designers, Fundraisers, Sanctuary Guardians, Coordinators, Event Managers/Helpers, Researchers, Editors, Writers, Networkers, Graphic Artists, Trainers, Innovators, Social Media, Communicators, Marketers…

Every spring, we will launch a new appeal for the Glastonbury 500 and for the Angels, allowing people to re-dedicate their support.

The Glastonbury Legends
The Legends are individuals/organisations that pledge £100 or more…




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