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The Osiriad~Myths of Ancient Egypt re-released…

It felt as if I had been taken by the scruff of the neck, sat down in front of the computer and instructed to write. The Osiriad was one of the strangest experiences I have ever had with words. I … Continue reading

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The Pylon Gate…

* “Behold! The Double Son of the Songstress, hail to you Great God, Lord of Truth and Justice who oversees the completion of the Sacred Eye in the City of the Sun. My purity is that of the Great Benu-Bird … Continue reading

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Going West – The Kilpeck Corbels

Kilpeck’s bellcote reminded me of the first church we had visited, where our adventures had begun, though this one is a nineteenth century addition, carved and decorated in keeping with the rest of the building; restorations have been gentle here. … Continue reading

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Children of Ra

The noon sun beat down upon the land without mercy. Ra was incensed. He, the greatest of the gods was a cuckold. Nut had been unfaithful to him. He stormed through the palace, seeking his recalcitrant wife. He found her … Continue reading

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Perspectives in stone

It is not every day that you get a graphic demonstration of one of the mysteries of the ancient world, especially not in your own garden. Or, in this case, your son’s. But that was exactly what we got when … Continue reading

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 Lantern by Willow #writephoto

  Time seemed  to  stand  still in Quintin’s bar Colours, cathedral like, rainbow Street lights  set  the place  aglow Continue reading:  Lantern #writephoto | willowdot21

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River of the Sun, chapter 13 – The Binding Voices – Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Steve Tanham River of the Sun, chapter 13 – The Binding Voices “Kneel before the sacred third point!” Amkhren fell to his knees and, once again, faced the clear lake of tranquillity at the temple’s centre. But this time, … Continue reading

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River of the Sun, Chapter 12 – Above and Below

Reblogged from Steve Tanham Sarkur the Stonemaker lay beneath Egypt’s stars, looking deep into the sky as though reading the story of his own life. As a young child, his mother would walk him to the cliff-edge, where the stars … Continue reading

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Busy bees – River of the Sun

Hours before the majority of the Companions arrive, the work has begun. Some must be trained as fire marshals, some look after the room allocations, welcoming those who arrive… and others… well, okay, largely the same ones actually…. and chiefly … Continue reading

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A weekend of ancient magic…

Egypt – 1279 BCE A clash of Ancient Egyptian magic and ruthless power in the Silent Eye’s 2015 Spring Workshop The River of the Sun 24-26 April, 2015 A magical journey to explore the ancient meaning of life and self … Continue reading

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