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Carrion – Paperback Launch #booklaunch by Graeme Cumming

  It’s here at last! And, if you were to look back to when I wrote the first faltering words of that very first draft (too long ago to be absolutely sure how many years have passed since), you’d understand … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time~Ancient Lines

Wading through the wet bracken, we knew, would be worth it, for on the other side of the green fronds there is a stone…and it is something a bit different, in more ways than one. Several examples of Neolithic rock … Continue reading

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Field of Sheaves: Found!…

* …But anyway, back to the wood-stone. The authorities are agreed on its antiquity. It is either Bronze age or Iron age if that can be termed an agreement which in ‘sense-speak’ translates as very old or really old, and, … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Evil… Stuart France

* We commenced our survey of St Michael and St George, many months ago now, by querying the notion that, according to a number of well known esotericists, in 1879 a great victory of light over darkness had been achieved. … Continue reading

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* The ghost of heather Warms the bones of winter earth I walk in silence Remembering ancient kin Grateful for gifted wisdom *

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Gold #midnighthaiku

Horizons calling Gilded possibilities Reflections of home *  

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