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Ravens Gathering by Graeme Cumming #20booksofsummer #thriller #bookreview

Reblogged from Me and My Books: I am delighted to share my review today for Raven’s Gathering by Graeme Cumming. This was one of the books I added to my #20booksofsummer reading list, and yes, I am still playing catch-up … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time ~ Between Two Worlds

A herd of deer were outlined against the far horizon as we followed the path, leading our companions across the moor to where it joins the track that runs above Bar Brook. The stream gathers the peat-stained water from the … Continue reading

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Bridges of Stone and Heart ~ Steve Tanham

A series of ‘betweens’ from the Silent Eye’s recent workshops in the Scottish Highlands and Orkney. {1400 words, a ten-minute read} (Above: the waters of Scapa Flow have not always been so calm…) Shortly after midnight on the 14th October, … Continue reading

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Nuances of Nicoll ~ Stuart France

NUANCES OF NICOLL The Keys to Heaven Stuart France Available via Amazon Psychologist, Maurice Nicoll studied under Fourth Way exponents G.I Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky, and presented his own philosophy in a series of works published during the Mid Twentieth … Continue reading

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Interlude ~ Saving the ‘best’?

So, while we should have been on a workshop and holiday, I was stuck in that limbo between the medics telling me it ‘looks like cancer’ and them doing something about it. I was determined that, before the doors closed … Continue reading

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Soulscape #midnighthaiku

Turn out or within The soul’s eternal landscape Being remembered

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