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Going West: An Uneasy Peace

Where do you begin when you have to write about a cathedral? Each chapel, every corner, every nook and cranny is replete with art and history. The sensory input is so much that all you can do is walk and … Continue reading

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* Coyote was going along… As usual he was ravenously hungry. He passed by Buffalo-Bull and noticed his size. ‘No lack of sustenance there,’ he reasoned. “Couldn’t you make me into a Bull?” asked Coyote. Buffalo-Bull ignored him. “If I … Continue reading

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It was a few weeks ago now… Well, as we couldn’t set off for Scotland, thanks to ‘stuff’ showing up on the scans the day I was meant to leave for the north, Stuart came down here. Perhaps we could, … Continue reading

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Blood #midnighthaiku

Amongst the nettles Poised between shelter and pain Summers heartblood weeps *  

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Going West: The Talking Stone

While I was researching the cathedral at St Davids, I came across a couple of legends that caught my fancy. Both of them concern Llechllafar, the talking stone. The name just by itself was intriguing… where did the emphasis lie? … Continue reading

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Out with the Old?

It is not my intention to talk non-stop about my current health problems. But, even just a few days into what promises to be a rather long haul, so many things have been brought to my attention that I feel … Continue reading

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Where… #midnighthaiku

Where did summer go Running away fleet-footed Calling tomorrow *

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Going West: The Accidental Tourist

Frankly, I thought it appallingly bad planning. Could the town not have chosen a different day to ceremonially install their new mayor? It isn’t as if we hadn’t advertised our itinerary for the weekend, culminating with a visit to the … Continue reading

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The Small Dog has a Bad Week…

“Help! Ambulance!” Not a good way to start your week, but last Monday, it was panic stations. My two legs went wonky and, stood all hairless in the tub, she couldn’t breathe. The next few minutes, I was going spare, … Continue reading

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Felled #midnighthaiku

Wide horizons wished Boundaries imposed by need Walls felled by dreamers *

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