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Solstice of the Moon (Part 1) ~ Running Elk

Hand in hand with retelling the story of our weekend in and around Inverurie, Running Elk, who was our guide and shepherd for the weekend, shares his own perceptions. One thing we have learned over the years, is that you … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: A flying visit…

There was absolutely no way we were going to drive to our destination without getting sidetracked. Where would be the fun in that? So we decided that the first place that would take us from the main road north would … Continue reading

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Carrot and Coals: Earth-Work-Mound…

* The name Arbor Low is of Saxon derivation, originally ‘Eordburh-Hlaw’ meaning the Earth-Work Mound. Wen smiles, “Where did you dig that up from?” “I have my sources, you know.” “As your text only specifies Saxon, are we to presume … Continue reading

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Interlude ~ Before the Stones

The trouble with writing about somewhere like Stonehenge… somewhere that almost everyone recognises and feels they know something … is that most of us know nothing at all apart from the familiar form of the circle and trilithons. We just … Continue reading

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Brief #midnighthaiku

Brief blaze of glory Autumn’s game of give and take Evens the balance

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