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Intuition in stone Seeds ancient earth With murmured secrets. Spirit walks a sacred world Breathing tendrils of song For me to follow. Through the lonely night, I walk the path of harmony Wandering between summer clouds To wild moonlight, Listening … Continue reading

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The Henge Within a Housing Estate from Walking with a Smacked Pentax

During the late 1970’s, when excavations were being dug for a new housing estate just outside Stirling in Scotland, a prehistoric henge* was discovered. Work was stopped whilst the archaeologists examined the site – and the housing estate was eventually replanned and … Continue reading

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Long Meg and her Daughters

The first thing that you realise when you arrive, camera in hand, at the stone circle known as Long Meg and her Daughters, is that you haven’t the proverbial cat in Hades’ chance of getting a shot of the whole … Continue reading

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There wasn’t a great deal of light as we left Castlerigg. You could have been excused for thinking it almost dusk, but it was still only mid-afternoon. We couldn’t check into the pub where we were staying for a while … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time – The serpent stones

We followed the earthen avenue from Gib Hill to the banks of Arbor Low. You do not really get a clear impression of where you are here; the roads climb steadily as they cross the undulating landscape and, by the … Continue reading

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Going west – the talking stone

While I was researching the cathedral at St Davids, I came across a couple of legends that caught my fancy. Both of them concern Llechllafar, the talking stone. The name just by itself was intriguing… where did the emphasis lie? … Continue reading

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Going West – Pentre Ifan

It is a magical place. You are in no doubt of that as you walk along the path to the site. Hoary stones nestle in the hedgerow. Bluebells, those delicate woodland flowers that bloom only in spring, are blooming on … Continue reading

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