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Some Faerie Metaphysics ~ Neil Rushton

Reblogged from Dead But Dreaming: This article is an amalgamation of some previous posts at deadbutdreaming, a shorter version of which was recently published by New Dawn Magazine. It probably raises more questions than it gives answers, but I wanted … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time ~ A Rock and a Hard Place

We left the standing stone and walked back through the gate onto the Edge. Normally we would walk back a different way, but the path is a morass at the best of times and it had rained a lot in … Continue reading

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Field of Sheaves: Flame…

* …The Clan of the Raven has withdrawn to the hills, to a high place in the sacred lands, nearer the centre. Their fires are dead, their hearths are cold, the hilltop silent under the moon. Others come. Others not … Continue reading

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“Gloriously expert position. I merely bumbled upon your fastidious post and desired to articulate that I have really relished understanding your blog articles.” Genuine spam comment. Understanding? I wish I could say the same of the comment. The spam box … Continue reading

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Simple #midnighthaiku

Simple joys remain Held lightly in memory Lifetime of laughter *  

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