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Going West: The Painted Church

It is difficult for our modern eyes to imagine the colour that would once have been present within our oldest churches. The carved and decorated facades, often covered with statuary, would have been brightly painted. Walls that we are used … Continue reading

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The Shreiking Womb…

* The Ulstermen were drinking in the house of Connavor’s Bard, Fedlimed mac Dall. Fedlimed’s wedd-woman, who happened to be full with child, was also in attendance. She passed round meat and drink and, when the house reached drunken uproar, … Continue reading

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The Laidley Wyrm… Stuart France

* I weird you a Laidly Worm, Until the end-of-days, And freed ne’er shall you be, Until the king’s successor, Approach the Heugh, And give you kisses three… * Before a legend ‘goes national’ it will first have been local. … Continue reading

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No-one home…

I should have woken, on my birthday, to a view of a Scottish loch and autumnal hillsides… perhaps even a glimpse of late-blooming heather…and a humungous Scottish breakfast. Instead, I woke to the knowledge that I could not eat all … Continue reading

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Union #midnighthaiku

The lost are alone Strength is born in union Together in love

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