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Solstice of the Moon: The Field of Prayer

There were many merry meetings in Inverurie, bringing a golden glow to the afternoon that belied the grisaille of rain and wet stone. We were greeted outside our meeting place with fierce hugs from a lady we love dearly and … Continue reading

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Deportment for the soul

He passed me the disc, about the size of a small dinner plate and quite heavy. My hands were full of things needing to go through to the kitchen. There was only one thing for it, I placed the disc … Continue reading

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Look not to find magic and miracles Performed as conjurers’ illusions Pandering to credulity Deep-veiled in allegory Surpassing logic’s reach Alchemy’s true gift Already yours Lead to gold Golden Child Seek Secrets Long buried Hidden beyond Imprisoning flesh Balanced and … Continue reading

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Scales #midnighthaiku

A life unfolding Finding beauty at its heart Balancing the scales

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Balance #midnighthaiku

Inextricable Immutably together Light and shadows fall *  

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Embers Hot as Coals~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

She could feel them. That’s why she came. Why she took every opportunity she could to escape the drudgery of sewing and hoeing and weeding and feeding and washing and threshing and mending and tending and all the multitudes of … Continue reading

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Abundant Nature Harvesting a sea of blue Taming wildflowers Insects and famers profit Harmony found in beauty A new crop is flowering in the fields near my home, painting the landscape with unexpected colour. The farmer seems to be growing … Continue reading

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The Big Blog Question: Quantity vs. Quality ~ H.R.R. Gorman

Reblogged from Let Me Tell You the Story of…: Choose Two: Quantity of posts, Quality of posts, or Your Non-Blogging Life. Well, one of those is probably going to take priority (unless you’ve gotten past that ‘needing food’ conundrum), so … Continue reading

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The Balance ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

She did not understand where the castle had gone. Tumbled walls Like broken bones. But the well was still there, And the sword Wrapped in stone,   Continue reading at Na’ama Yehuda

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Acrobatics #midnighthaiku

Early acrobats Balancing on slender stems Poised for the moment  

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