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CrossFire… #MysteryThriller ~ Jaye Marie

Excerpt from CrossFire ‘Do you know why we have brought you here today, Ann?’ Ruth thought she would ease her way in, rather than accuse her straight off, for triggering any hostility wouldn’t get them anywhere. The woman stared at … Continue reading

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Roaming the Peaks Forevermore ~ Mason Bushell #writephoto

Branagh did what he always did, he walked aimlessly beneath the leaden, cloudy skies. His feet barely feeling the rocky ground and dried out grasses brushing his legs. His stride carried him through the peaks and troughs of the undulating … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Hiron’s Hole ~ Gary Stocker

On the present-day B4086 Wellesbourne Road is Littleham Bridge. One evening in November 1820 William Hirons (or Hixons), a yeoman farmer from nearby Alveston, was on his way home from Warwick. As he approached the bridge in question he was … Continue reading

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Sweet Fanny Adams..? The horror behind the words…

I was unusually tired when I got back home from work on Sunday afternoon. With plenty of things I was ‘supposed to’ do, I couldn’t settle to anything for once and spent most of the day listening to music. My … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Myths and hauntings of Warwickshire. ~ Gary Stocker

The holy well of Whitnash. Whitnash has been settled since pre-Christian Celtic times. The present-day church of St Margaret is on a mound which may have been of pagan importance in pre-Christian times. It also used to have a holy … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Murder, Ghosts and Sainthood in Offchurch ~ Gary Stocker

Gary Stocker shares the story of a murder, a ghost and a saint… whose legend I explore at the end of Gary’s post: In the Warwickshire village of Offchurch in the 1650s a man was stabbed to death in a … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Meon Hill ~ Gary Stocker

Continuing Gary Stocker’s Sunday series of posts on the folklore, ancient sites and legends of Britain. If you have similar stories to share from the area in which you live,  please read the footnote and send them in. Meon Hill, … Continue reading

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Rites of Passage: Last rites?

*** On the Sunday morning, the last day of our weekend workshop, we had arranged to meet close to the entrance of Cressbrook Dale, a deep, green cleft in the hills that has a strange and often dark history. Our … Continue reading

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The Talking Darkness ~ Steve Tanham #writephoto

He chose his moment to appear at the edge of the dark forest; the forest through which they had come on their murderous journey. The few that knew him used his ancient name: the Talking Darkness…. Anyone in the dark … Continue reading

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Guest author: Robbie Cheadle ~ Climbing boys

About climbing boys During the 1700s and 1800s, mainly male children often performed an occupation known as a climbing boy or chimney sweep. Many of the climbing boys were orphans, and in Great Britain many came from workhouses, and some … Continue reading

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