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Thursday photo prompt: Valley #writephoto – Delusion

Originally posted on Morpethroad:
“You love me don’t you?” she asked as we sat outside our tent sipping on the freshly brewed coffee she’d expertly made. “Of course,” I replied, “for an older woman you are a bit of alright.”…

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Valley #writephoto

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Guest poet: KD Rose – Dream Poem, a new book

  X[1] I saw the best minds of my generation starved into servitude, strides for recognition unheard by ears listening to another word, forthright regals regaling unwittingly about pond scum to bigger fish.   They moved with surety once but … Continue reading

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#writephoto — Oil and Water – Fandango

“Oh, this is simply breathtaking, don’t you think?” Alicia said. “Yeah, yeah, it’s beautiful,” Stan, her fiancé, said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “You sound disappointed, Stan. I thought you’d love the view from up here,” Alicia said. “Yeah, the … Continue reading

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The Novice Author: Karen Ingalls is Lizzie Chantree’s guest…

Reblogged from Lizzie Chantree, where Karen Ingalls is her guest:  A Journey into the Unknown by author Karen Ingalls. My close friend exclaimed, “You must get this published. Every woman needs to read this.” I had reluctantly agreed to let … Continue reading

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Ancient Song – #writephoto Jan Malique

A sense of something greater than the reality of this world washed over the priestly figure gazing out to sea. For as long as memory had existed his brethren had stood at the head of the valley to pay homage … Continue reading

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The sun set tonight. It always does. A blaze of glory in the western sky, Closing the day.   Did you see the flames caress the moon as she rose? Or were you sleeping, dreaming of survival. It will not … Continue reading

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White-Skunk seeks medicine VIII… Stuart France

* … Once Rice-Bird’s whistle could no longer be heard, Skunk soon forgot his fear. He came to a shady place. “Ah, this would be a good place to play the stick-game,” thought Skunk. He gathered some chunks of rotten … Continue reading

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Fickle #midnighthaiku

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A New Horizon – Balroop Singh #writephoto

I didn’t know this valley The valley you pushed me into The valley that glimmers with hope That erases shadowy existence I owe you a special gratitude I am glad I don’t have to walk Into your hollow world Of … Continue reading

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