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Bardic Study: The Eyes of Fate…

* ‘Oh, who can see in the eyes of fate, All life alone in its chronic patterns? Oh, swan, let me fly you To the land of no winds blowing. I know nothing, and know that I know nothing; All … Continue reading

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Silence #tanka

Leaf and branch whisper Join in song with heartwood’s beat Ancient melody Earth’s memory held in trust Shared soul to soul in silence * For Colleen’s Poetry Prompt “Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows … Continue reading

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Soar ~ Dr. Crystal Grimes #writephoto

They soar above clouds Like birds, my mind and my soul Are freed from chaos! Listen to the song and music at Mystical Strings

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City rhythm…?

I couldn’t remember the last time I had walked so far on urban pavements. I generally avoid going into town with all the dedication I would show to avoiding, say, a dinner invitation from a ravenous vampire…and for much the … Continue reading

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Robin #midnighthaiku

* Constant companion An ever watchful presence A song gladly shared *  

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A magical morning ~ the song of the forest

Navigating the ice and snow across the car park, we managed to get back out onto the road, and, although we were now facing away from home,the view that greeted us swept any thought of home from our minds. It … Continue reading

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Cold, Distant, Unearthly, Inhuman song… Stirring emotions Only hearts understand. Feel it… there is a yearning, Calling us to new horizons, Irresistible invitation To step beyond, immersed in haunting song. Heart to heart they sing, seeking compassion; Borne across the … Continue reading

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Evensong #midnighthaiku

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Ancient Song – #writephoto Jan Malique

A sense of something greater than the reality of this world washed over the priestly figure gazing out to sea. For as long as memory had existed his brethren had stood at the head of the valley to pay homage … Continue reading

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Crossing the stillness

It is dark as we walk down the lane, the small dog and I, yet a bird is singing, opening the gates of dawn with a joyful song, heralding the day without yet knowing what it will bring. For now … Continue reading

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