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Featured On the Reef ~ Sue Vincent @SCVincent #MidnightHaiku

Sue’s Midnight Haiku is now in a collection and available today! 🎉 I’ve posted about my love of Sue’s haiku here and am so excited about this!  New Release Midnight Haiku by Sue Vincent   Haiku is a Japanese poetry … Continue reading

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Midnight Haiku … #midnighthaiku

For around five years, I posted a haiku every night at midnight. I like the constraint of the seventeen syllables of the classic ‘haiku in English’, exploring brevity to capture multiple layers of meaning. I like the discipline of writing … Continue reading

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Temple of Living Light

* The third book should have been straight-forward. “If the first two are, ‘…Land’ and ‘…Lore’, respectively, then, Giants Dance should be ‘…Light’. * “I can’t even remember what’s in it.” “Doom and gloom, mostly, I think.” * We need … Continue reading

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Carrion by Graeme Cumming #bookreview

Having read Ravens Gathering, the previous book from the author, fantasy came as something of a surprise. It was no surprise, however, knowing Graeme Cumming, to see the book open with a masterly depiction of an incident on the water… … Continue reading

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Glimpsing the Wanekia by Jeff Bowles ~ Spirits of the West Anthology

Spirits of the West are often found in unexpected places.  They can be found in a saloon in Colorado territory, on a wagon train in the plains of South Africa, or on a distant planet in another galaxy. They can … Continue reading

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The Living One: Caravan to Cairns… Stuart France

St John the Evangelist * “We’ll need books!” “What do you mean?” “All good schools have a range of associated texts which their students can use as background reading.” “That’s true, do we have any?” “We may have a few…” … Continue reading

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A Visit from Roberta Eaton Cheadle & a Ghost! ~ Teagan’s Books

Reblogged from Teagan’s Books: Roberta Eaton Cheadle (Image tomfoolery by Teagan) When I was a little girl, there were a few times when a group of kids would gather in the garage part of my parent’s modest home, because they … Continue reading

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Finding Don and Wen…

Dear Wen, Yes, it sounded like you were enjoying work on this one… Amazing really, how it has turned out with very little tweaking. Available via Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. Initially started as adverts for the School Books … Continue reading

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Roberta Eaton reviews Ghostly Interference and Brazos Wind by Jan Sikes

Reblogged from Roberta Writes: Ghostly Interference What Amazon says Jag Peters has one goal in his quiet comfortable life—to keep his karma slate wiped clean. A near-miss crash with a candy apple red Harley threatens to upend his safe world. … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Sally Cronin: The Sewing Gene

It is lovely to have Sally Cronin as my guest today to bring back memories. As I have, like my grandmother, always ‘sewn with burnt thread’ as the saying goes, my dressmaking skills are minimal… although I always loved embroidery … Continue reading

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