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Curse of War ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

I kept this hidden for four decades. But it appears that the end is nearing. I lost the battle for peace. The denizens of this country were a mentally and emotionally battered lot, after the last war. They lost everything, … Continue reading

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Laurels #writephoto

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Thoughts of a Ghost ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Am I awake or is this dream There is no colour, everything monochrome. Shadows lengthen belying the scene. I am cold and a long way from home. I cannot move I cannot speak My mind is confused and my is … Continue reading

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Trampled where they fell, the dead and dying, Mud and blood tainting each final breath, Their cries unheard, unheeded by the guns, Made one with sacred earth blasphemed by death. Shells crack and cackle, ‘necessary evil’, A whispered ‘Mother!’ lost … Continue reading

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The Makers of Fine Sticks ~ Steve Tanham

If you belonged to a species that regularly threw itself off a cliff, you’d expect that species – or that tribe – to die out pretty quickly… Let’s imagine that there was an annual contest of head-beating with sticks, and … Continue reading

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Honour Empty spectre Encompasing boundless grief Vacant cradles rock silently Wasted * Futile Bringing ruin Shades haunting memory Lost generations asking why Warfare * Cinquains for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge

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Migrant #midnighthaiku

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Guest author: Robbie Cheadle ~ Churchill’s War Rooms

Background World War II was the first time in its history that Britain faced a concentrated threat from the air. This aerial threat necessitated some discussion about how the British government would run the impending war and from where. Initially, … Continue reading

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A Wonder to Explore ~ Fantasy Raconteur #writephoto

Lost in the woods, forgotten by the sun, Distraught, I wander through the rain-soaked trees In desperate search of safety and of peace, Away from blood and guns. I notice fairies bathing in a pond, Their laughter an incessant melody. … Continue reading

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Passing #midnighthaiku

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