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#writephoto regulars ~ Meet Trent P. McDonald

I asked the writephoto challenge regulars if they would like to come over and introduce themselves. Without those of you who write and read the pieces inspired by the weekly photos, the writephoto prompt would not exist. So, if you … Continue reading

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Saltwater ~ H. R. R. Gorman

Reblogged from Let Me Tell You the Story of… What made the gods cry Great saltwater tears Such that their anguish Filled ocean trenches? What suckling babe died, Leaving lone parents, To form the seashores? What child was sent off With … Continue reading

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Beguiled ~ Jan Malique #writephoto

My offering for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt. This is my second attempt at writing the post as the first disappeared, pretty sure I saved it. I’m not reading anything further into this annoying occurrence. Although (cue ominous music in the background), … Continue reading

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Rainbow’s end

I drove into a landscape lit by a rainbow, with crows and kites wheeling overhead, their wings carrying them into the light. I remembered the legends and stories associated with those ribbons in the sky that seem to emanate from … Continue reading

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Another Bloomin’ Cover Reveal – But this time it’s mine! ~ Teagan R. Geneviene

Reblogged from Teagan’s Books: I debated when to run this post.  I worried that it wouldn’t be seen between my serial posts — so I scheduled it as my Saturday post. Then I worried that you’d lose track of Copper, the … Continue reading

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Fall… ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

Gran left me her cottage at Willow Creek, a place of my childhood. Stories, legends, surround the 100-foot waterfall and the pool below that Gran forbade us boys to swim in. I never told her that I had. I settled … Continue reading

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North-easterly V: Layers

A short walk along the coast from Craster is another of the most iconic sights on the Northumbrian shore…Dunstanburgh. The castle has inspired artists and poets over the centuries; Turner and Girtin both painted the ruins, and so did I, … Continue reading

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Phoenix #midnighthaiku

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I Shall Rise: Regeneration of a Knight ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from strangegoingsonintheshed:   In a previous chapter of this saga, Walking the Labyrinth, we left the Knight Templar at the centre of the Labyrinth. He stood face to face with the Great Bull and partook of his nature but wasn’t a devotee … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Lyn Horner ~ Spider Woman

Traditional Navajo mythology is intended to teach and entertain their children. Such is the legend of Spider Woman, who according to legend, first wove a web of the universe, then taught the Dineh (Navajo) the art of weaving and how … Continue reading

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