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The man without a face

I wrote this several years ago now. In some ways, it feels wrong to repost it… as if by doing so I am not giving enough for what has been given. And yet, this man has stayed with me for … Continue reading

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My mother was not quite seventeen when I was born. She and my father, just three years her senior, had married early as he had joined the army. They were still living close to home when I first came into … Continue reading

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The perception of memory

I slowed to let the young lad on the bicycle pull out onto the roundabout. That looks like… I raised my hand to wave to my son’s friend and instantly realised my mistake. It might have been his son, but … Continue reading

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Guest author: Kevin Cooper ~ Miedo “Afraid”

Miedo ‘Afraid’ contains both of the volumes of the Miedo story: Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear & Miedo 2: A Reckoning With Fear. After losing his mother at a very young age, Miedo begins to experience a plethora of paranormal/supernatural … Continue reading

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Shared #midnighthaiku

* Childhood memories Spanning the generations Never mine alone *

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Gnomes, magic and porriwiggles…

I don’t know what sparked the memory. It might have something to do with the Elemental symbolism and magic of the upcoming workshop weekend.  And we had been talking about gardens with one of my son’s neighbours… and gardens are … Continue reading

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Missed #midnighthaiku

Gifts of the moment Once flown never to return Youth passes swiftly

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Through a child’s eyes…

I love Lady’s Mantle… Alchemilla mollis… the soft little alchemist. The shape and gentle shade of the downy leaves and the pale froth of yellow-green flowers. It is a lovely thing in my eyes. Yet it is not till the … Continue reading

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For the love of roots ~ Thady #writephoto

I grew up, somewhat displaced, on a small farm in south Sligo, in the beautiful west of Ireland. We lived near the village of Aclare, snuggled on the lee side of the Ox Mountains which kept the worse of the … Continue reading

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Guest author: Laleh Chini ~ Keep dreaming

I always loved writing and being an author was a dream. When I was a little girl and grew up with a very hard life witnessing my dearest ones being in such painful life, made me dream of being a … Continue reading

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