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All That Remains – Helen Jones #Writephoto

He came to me after dark, as night lay like soft velvet in the hollows of the hills. The fire burned low, his feathered cape laid over the chair shimmering iridescent blue as the birds stirred and gave their first … Continue reading

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Loneliness #midnightaiku

A secret garden Bars of iron close the way Forbidding entry * The gate stands open Its locks long-since unshackled No-one notices * So long defended Only loneliness blossoms In the unseen heart *

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Saving Grace – Fandango #wrietphoto

The full moon shown brightly over the lake, illuminating the mountains on the opposite side. As he gazed upon the moon’s image reflected in the calm waters of the lake, Mark reflected upon his own life. It was just over … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Wish I had fleas

There may be just a short intermission… She has gone to the doctor’s you see, So while she is off gallivanting, You’ll just have to put up with me. She had done all the housework this morning, (I can put … Continue reading

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