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The mysterious letter…

When I found the letter with the Australian postmark on the doormat, I wondered who on earth it could be from. A handwritten envelope that felt as if it held something more than a letter. Staving off curiosity until I … Continue reading

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The Stone of Courage – Guest Post by Jemima Pett at TRSA…

Reblogged from The Story Reading Ape: Just a reminder, every second Sunday of the month I’m doing a serial with an original illustration from the wonderful Dani English, who also does my book covers. If you missed the previous months, … Continue reading

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Guest artist and author: Andrea Torrey Balsara – Hello, Anxiety, My Old Friend…

This morning I feel anxious. The old feeling, one which had woken me up in the past, with shaking hands, a feeling of cold terror, and the urge to hide, accompanied every morning I had through junior high and high … Continue reading

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Counting – methodtwomadness #writephoto

Undream these endings. Unspell these words caged by time. Unsorrow this song. Continue reading here: Counting

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Looking good -10 simple tips for adding images

We are living in an age where visual impressions seem to matter more and more. Images clamour for our attention, the flashing screens that occupy so much of our time both at work and at home carry everything from business … Continue reading

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