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Walking off the mince pies#04 ~ Mary Smith

Reblogged from MarySmith’sPlace: Happy New Year! It’s becoming a New Year tradition to walk off the mince pies, though the first one took place between Christmas and New Year and was my first blog post, which you can read here. … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 8: Dead Locks and Angels

We followed the Beadle in silence into the church, grateful for the history he was giving us about the place, as much for the information as for the fact that we had the chance to gather our wandering wits. I … Continue reading

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Sun, Moon and Stars…

* … “Before Ogma, I swear. Before Sun and Moon and Stars, before Sky, Land and Sea, I swear. Before the Sidhe-Folk, I swear… Defenders of the land, victory and defeat are created in each of you. What I ask … Continue reading

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Temple of Living Land…

* … “So, why haven’t you written a book?” “Never been given a story.” * I remember the exchange well and the precise location. We were in the back room of the Queen Anne Public House, and it was the … Continue reading

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Magical mornings

It was a luminous dawn, the world blanketed in a thick cocoon of frost against the darkness and silence of a newborn morning. The sun rose, pale and gold, strewing a million diamonds on the tarmac path; setting a fire … Continue reading

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remnants #midnighthaiku

Ruined remnants sleep Inviting understanding Memories revived

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