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So What Was That All About? Part 1 ~ G. Michael Vasey

Reblogged from The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey: As an author, I want to see my books discovered, read and enjoyed. So I thought that I would do a multi-part blog periodically about some of my books. to rekindle … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 9: 199 steps

I’ve always had a soft spot for Whitby. Even the trip to get there from my childhood home takes you across the North York Moors and if you are lucky enough to go in summer, chances are the heather will … Continue reading

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Harvest of Wyrms…

* ‘The Witch’, they called her but she minded not, tending to her herbs and the animals and birds which nature’s highest intelligence brought to the garden of her single-roomed house knowing her abilities to hold and to heal… It … Continue reading

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* From the corner of my eye… Through a keyhole… half seen unheard Beneath the door… Behind a crack in the curtains A shiver of tree leaf gurgling-silver over brook-stone. Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Cool breath of marble lingers Kissing eternity Blushing glass ghosts Secret embrace remembered Soft porcelain morning Wakes from night Sacred sisters dance With stars And flowers melt Ice-prisoned hearts

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Heal #midnighthaiku

Healing from without Magical remedies sought Wishes in the wind * Embracing what is Without blame or bitterness Healing from within *

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