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Old Stones…

* Built by the sea But not of the sea These enclosing walls… * It is a ‘Celtic’ thing The Spirit tied-to-tide And it is still understood By today’s Old Bones… Continue reading at France & Vincent

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* …“But the Angles were a British tribe, right? And the Saxons were German?” We are back in Wen’s study after the half triumph of the first of our Glastonbury talks, which aside from a few timing problems, went as … Continue reading

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Bardic Study – Waltz of the New Moon…

* Another one of Robin’s early efforts. When invoking the  Bardic Spirit there are not too many candidates around, unfortunately… For a spell, this was my all-time favourite song ever, if only for its helter-skelter whirl of minor-key madness… * … Continue reading

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Sun, Moon and Stars…

* … “Before Ogma, I swear. Before Sun and Moon and Stars, before Sky, Land and Sea, I swear. Before the Sidhe-Folk, I swear… Defenders of the land, victory and defeat are created in each of you. What I ask … Continue reading

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A Fatal End?…

* The Druids of Erin, so the story goes, Long prophesied the coming of St Patrick. They told it in this way… * Continue reading at France and Vincent

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The Real Eye-Guy… Stuart France

* …It happened that one day Pryderi’s doorkeeper, Conan Duffy, was sunning himself at the portal, along with his cat, and he saw two beautiful youths heading towards him over the game plain… …When they reached the enrtrance to the … Continue reading

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The Eye-Guy… Stuart France

* SPOILS OF THE ABYSS  When Pryderi, Lord of Underhill, was treated for the  injury done to his arm by Tyrnonos, Thunder-of-Water,  his leech, Nudd, found that he was unable to save the limb; so  he hacked it down to … Continue reading

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Raven-Post… Stuart France

* Fear Death-in-Life Get death in life… * Embrace Death-in-Life Get life in death… * Reblogged from Stuart France

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The First Harvest: Lughnasadh or Lammas? ~ Christine Valentor

Reblogged from Witchlike: Happy August! As the golden sun winds down and the days ever so slightly grow shorter, we find ourselves in the midst of the first harvest feast also known as Lughnasadh or Lammas. This is a cross … Continue reading

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Cahercasey ~ Michele Jones #writephoto

Corey felt it. He had hoped this day would never arrive—he dreaded it. He cursed, grabbed his bag and headed to Cahercasey. The door was ajar when he arrived. He feared entering. The place had been the site of many … Continue reading

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