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remnants #midnighthaiku

Ruined remnants sleep Inviting understanding Memories revived

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Discovering Albion – day 7: The Elasticity of Time.

According to the map we covered another two hundred miles that day. More, if you take into account that we did it all on the back roads , being very gentle with the ailing car and sticking to the coast … Continue reading

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Going West: Cider with Bessie

For once, I wished I wasn’t driving. I wanted to stop every few minutes and get the camera out… the whole area is very beautiful, but the road between Nevern and our next stop in the Gwaun Valley is exceptionally … Continue reading

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Way-stone ~ Marilyn Armstrong #writephoto

When we first moved to Uxbridge, the woman who sold us our house drove us around and the first thing she brought us to see was the Uxbridge Way-Stone. Erected and etched in the early 1600s, it was part of … Continue reading

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Holding #midnighthaiku

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Gemini in the sky: unwelcome #writephoto

The howling winds screech dirges around the edifice of grey rocks. Rain lashes at the pallor with drops running down as fusillade of tears. All the vestiges of the the former days of glory are eroded and only the skeletal … Continue reading

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Watchers #writephoto – Of Glass & Paper

The fortress once stood here, and trees and brambles have long invaded the deep ancient ditches. Battles were fought in this land, in times when enemies had to face each other, times of violence and courage, times of faith. The … Continue reading

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Microfiction: A pleasant seat by Jane Dougherty #writephoto

  There had always been a house there. It was a good site, close to the river but high enough to be out of reach of flooding. There was a big tree for shade and the land about was rich. … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto #NationalPoetryMonth The Haunted by Luccia Gray

The Haunted Castle She stood the test of time, Towering proudly on the summit, Watching over the raging sea, Howling in the wind, ‘Come back!’ Convinced he must obey her, The Queen of the haunted castle, Terrified the travellers who … Continue reading

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