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Spirit y’all? – Stuart France

This week, I will be sharing again a little about the people behind the Silent Eye… this is Stuart’s journey… * ‘Our own journey is entirely imaginary: that is its strength.’ – Louis Ferdinand Celine. I grew up in a … Continue reading

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Lizard Men…

* QUEEN OF THE NIGHT… It is night and I cannot sleep. Jed cannot sleep either. I can hear him turning in his bed but I do not speak. Steve is asleep. It must be about three in the morning. … Continue reading

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A song of Gwythyr…

“A question, O Yoke-all-Craft, which art will you practise tonight?” So Gwythyr-the-Bright took out the harp of Tertiu-the-Melodious from his craneskin bag, and sang this lay: “In the name of wisdom: I will practise metre’s nurture, fear’s erasure, and honour’s … Continue reading

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Fragments of history

Over the past month or so, we have been revisiting places in my local area in preparation for the April workshop we will be running here. There are so many wonderful sites that we would love to include, but time … Continue reading

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Author Interview at Strange Book Reviews: Sue Vincent ~ Of Myth and Magic….

Reblogged from Strange Book Reviews: Sue Vincent is a constant inspiration to me and I suspect to many, many, others. She writes and blogs probably more than anyone I know and I am always amazed by her insights and encouraged … Continue reading

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The Living One: Caravan to Cairns… Stuart France

St John the Evangelist * “We’ll need books!” “What do you mean?” “All good schools have a range of associated texts which their students can use as background reading.” “That’s true, do we have any?” “We may have a few…” … Continue reading

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Slivers of Søren: Testaments to Truth ~ A New Book from Stuart France

THE HAND THAT GUIDES… …Can pick up a thing, a train of thought, say, or better… a circumstance, a way of life… after years of apparent neglect, and immediately, unerringly, hit-the-beat… * Had that song ever stopped, even, or did … Continue reading

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Living Wood, Living Stone…

* “Who are you to say these things to me?” said Judas Thomas. Joshua said, “You do not know who I am from what I say to you? Then you have disregarded the living one who is in your presence. … Continue reading

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Callanish Calling…

* Dear Wen, I have booked an additional day off work – The Wednesday… However, we possibly need a bit more of a plan than, ‘If we have it we can fill it’, for me to book any more time … Continue reading

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Mysteries… Stuart France

* “You’ll know it,” he said, “by the stone stairs and the hawk’s head over the lintel.” I was expecting a carving, or a painting, or possibly even, an offering, not half a cliff-face… Nevertheless, it had still been a … Continue reading

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