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Never to Return ~ Sara #writephoto

It had been far too long. Surely, his family assumed he’d died as they hadn’t heard hair nor hide for almost three years. When the plane went down, the wreckage wasn’t discovered for months, and the bodies were burned beyond … Continue reading

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Be the Light… #LightTheDarkness

International Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January * In remembrance of all those men, women and children whose lives were taken from them simply for being themselves. * The flame symbolises a resolve to stand against prejudice, hatred and injustice today, … Continue reading

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North-easterly: September 2018

Why do we always seem to head north in dodgy weather? It was in January 2015 that Stuart and I had set off Discovering Albion on a fabulous journey through the landscape. On the way home, we had chosen to … Continue reading

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‘Seconds Away’…

* Language is often wiser than both, it’s vulgar and noble would-be users. * The Greek prefix ‘dys’ as in dysfunctional or dystopian, and the Latin prefix ‘dis’ as in dishonest and dishonourable Continue reading at France & Vincent

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The Food of Love…

* From the intuition of ‘oneness’ as the ground and principle of multiplicity philosophy and natural science derive their source. * Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Returning ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

Sue is back with her #Writephoto prompt after an enforced break. We are so happy to see you back with your prompt, Sue. Gently does it! So the prompt is RETURN along with the photo: The return of normality That’s … Continue reading

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Dark sun…

  Eternity flowering a morning, Liquid life dances her desires Healing dark secrets Embracing the broken smile Devoured by night. Sad ghosts, haunting her coffee, Melt into magic Joy is born in laughter As the sky awakes.  

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Vicarious #midnighhaiku

Watching the hares run Feeling freedom in their feet Knowing no constraint * Imagination Entering into the seen Vicarious joy *

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