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Wilsonuv Les and an Energy Line ~ G. Michael Vasey

Reblogged from The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey: Wilsonuv Les or Wilson’s Forest in English is another spectacular spot of greenery in Brno. According to a website I found, it was ‘founded in 1882 by the landowner and notary … Continue reading

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The Big Picture (1) : life and the image ~ Steve Tanham

We don’t live ‘in the world’… an outrageous thing to say, and yet it’s true. Well, if we don’t live in the world, where do we live? We don’t live in the world; we live in a picture of the … Continue reading

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Another Green World?…

* The infant souls crouched in the tunnel. Water trickled and dripped… echoing… Raven’s claws scratched and scuttled, drowning the echoes; he paused and tilted his head: his moon-eyes flashed. Continue reading at France & Vincent

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* I sing to the moon. I pray to the moon.  I cry with the moon,   and she tells me the ‘why ?’   of beauty and the beast… * Continue reading at France & Vincent

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The Small Dog in Distress

Now, let us be very clear about this. I was tortured. I am not blaming the lovely young two-legs in the van… she was kind, compassionate, professional and exactly what you want in those horrendous circumstances. But my two-legs? The … Continue reading

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Found #midnighthaiku

Wild places calling Memories whisper of home Longing torn in two Cloistered and sheltered waiting Freedom found only within  

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