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Guest Author: G. Michael Vasey ~ Chasing the Mysterious and Magical to Connect with the Land

I have always found life to be mysterious. Even from a young age sitting contemplating reality and asking those mind-boggling questions… ‘why am I here?’ and ‘what am I?’, I have been driven by an outlook at life as an … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 8: A Tide of Silence

Winter on Holy Island, it seems, is silent save for the song of the waves and the cry of the gull. The visitors had left; the locals all seemed to be indoors. It was as if we shared the island … Continue reading

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Bardic Study – Waltz of the New Moon…

* Another one of Robin’s early efforts. When invoking the  Bardic Spirit there are not too many candidates around, unfortunately… For a spell, this was my all-time favourite song ever, if only for its helter-skelter whirl of minor-key madness… * … Continue reading

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Bardic Study – The Iron Stone…

* Another early song from Robin Williamson. Not too much to interpret, perhaps, in this offering. Just a straight forward description of the finding of a stone, which we are bound to assume is the account of a true story. … Continue reading

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Soft morning song. The quiet language of joy Breathing beside me. I drink your smile As you dream, Touch you with my eyes And remember peace.

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Exotics #midnighthaiku

Norther snow lays deep Summer plumes grace bare winter Incongruous fruit *

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