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The Real Robinson Crusoe ~ Nicholas C. Rossis

Reblogged from Nicholas C. Rossis: Everyone has heard of Robinson Crusoe. But how many know the real-life inspiration behind the character? As Alex Turner explains on Quora, this would be Alexander Selkirk: Alexander Selkirk. Image: Quora Selkirk was a Scottish … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 10: Back to St Andrews?

Yes, we were heading back to St Andrews… no, not the one in Scotland, sadly… though I would, given half a chance. In fact, I mused, I could pretty much never come home given a camper van and some way … Continue reading

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‘Heart and Soul’…

* The first key… Bigger than me… and inside, a box; identical but smaller, in order to fit, with another key. * Key number two… As big as you… whose mote is my beam, now clearly seen as I click … Continue reading

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Looking Out…

* I have lain here for millennia watching ages pass. * Great beasts once roamed my slopes. I saw them take to the air. Their leathery calls scarring the sky. In a fiery eye-blink they were gone. * Continue reading … Continue reading

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“Play,” Said he, “Old music… Remembering The beginning times, When the stars were younger And the portal stood open That dreams and possibilities Might travel freely between the worlds. The children of Earth still knew magic then.” “I will play, … Continue reading

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Locked-down #midnighthaiku

Conjuring colours Recall from memory’s vault Seasonal delights Spotless snow drifting Rainbows and autumn’s leaf-fall Painting the landscape No expectations Trapped in a monochrome world Waiting for freedom

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