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Kilneuair Chapel ~ Jo Woolf

Reblogged from The Hazel Tree:   Writing in ‘The Kist’ in 1994, the historian Lady McGrigor said: “The old church of Kilneuair (Cill an Iubhair, Chapel of the Yews), once important in the district as the parish church of Glassary, … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion – day 7: The Water of Leith

We left Montrose after no more than the visit to the pub. We may regret that, of course, having been led there pretty much by accident, but we were not aware of any particular reason for being there … other … Continue reading

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* Dark night, utterly dark. Probably just as well. If his friends could see him and knew where he was going… Not that he knew where he was going himself, just who he was meeting and that was bad enough! … Continue reading

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Winter walks with camera (4) : cold sunsets

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Winter is not generally associated with clear skies, not in Cumbria, at least! But when when a period of high-pressure brings clear air, and everything begins to freeze, there can be found the most…

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Ars Geometrica: Rose of Sharon…

* The ‘Fifteenth’ Leaf. Operation Three: ‘I am the rose of Sharon as the Lily among thorns so is my love among the daughters.’ – Song of Songs 2:1 * In our mind’s eye we saw her: She was deep … Continue reading

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Love story

It has been a lazy day, lounging half asleep on the sofa, nursing a rotten cold. The mind wanders down odd paths at such times and  I have been thinking a lot about the whole idea of love. It is, … Continue reading

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Reveal #midnighhaiku

Uncertainty fades Embracing an ancient peace Revealing veiled truth *

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