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Roberta Eaton reviews Gallows Hill by Charles F. French

Reblogged from Roberta Writes: What Amazon says History always makes an impact on the present. Retired homicide detective Sam Sadlowski faces his personal history and fears as well as living and dead enemies. My review Gallows Hill is the second … Continue reading

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Offerings ~ Jez Farmer #writephoto

Author’s Notes: The first time I have written a prompt write live from Becci’s house, and I am sat listening to the rain chuck it down as we approach the late summer bank holiday. Thank you Sue for another dash … Continue reading

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Going West – The Kilpeck Corbels

Kilpeck’s bellcote reminded me of the first church we had visited, where our adventures had begun, though this one is a nineteenth century addition, carved and decorated in keeping with the rest of the building; restorations have been gentle here. … Continue reading

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Dear Don: ‘Dead Enkidu?’…

Dear Don, I am not sure I would apply the term ‘Covenanter’ to Donaldson’s doubting Thomas, not with its political ramifications, but his ‘unbelief’ does mirror the apparent choice of our ‘advanced’ society to shunt magic, miracles and a recognition … Continue reading

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Tokens ~ Cheryl #writephoto

Wishes spoken and answered A feather near an autumn leaf Colorful memories shown to send The message–dreams do come true. Reblogged from Cheryl at The Bag Lady

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The Matter of Britain…

* Could there be an image more redolent of the true majesty of these isles? * We are minded of the church at Kilpeck with its famous and resplendant Sheila… * The fact that we had failed to get here … Continue reading

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The Token ~ Alethea Kehas #writephoto

The raven circled in wait while the seeker studied the land. The bird knew her in the memory of her bones and the knowing had brought the raven into flight to follow the girl’s path. Finally she had arrived. Millenia … Continue reading

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Just a shell

It’s just a shell. Small but perfect, Picked up on the beach that day. Its sits beside the little stone you found, Children hand in hand Along a winter shore. It’s just a shell. Nothing very special There were hundreds … Continue reading

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Morning Naked Wakes ~ Goff James #writephoto

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Blue #midnighthaiku

Heather hued beauty Reminder of memories Moments lost from time *

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