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When Your Mum Speaks – Mum Chats about My Book! ~ Ritu Bhathal

Reblogged from Ritu Bhathal: This month marks my debut novel, Marriage Unarranged’s six month birthday. And I am excited that it has sold almost 200 copies, and gained nearly 50 reviews on Amazon. Each comment from a reader is so … Continue reading

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The Smiling Moon ( A Potpourri Of Stories) ~ Silver Stone #writephoto

With her back against the trunk of the old fir tree, she sighed dejectedly. How could she even face her teammates after that embarrassing move on the field? She thought that they would’ve started hating on her by now, or … Continue reading

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Dear Wen: Big Wheels…

Dear Da Wensta… The remedials, as I recall, back in the day, were a ‘class of individuals’ best shunted into the dungeons of our glorious process in the name of Progress… Curious how all these accepted terms now seem to … Continue reading

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Sky Gifts ~ Jules #writephoto

sky gifts owl knew with the dawn hunting time was now over to her nest to rest Continue reading at Jules Pens Some Gems

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Too tired to think…

* …Four hours later, the rain stopped and we re-hit the road. * The deflating tyre which had plagued us again and again the whole trip was worsening and meant it was too risky to use any motorways. * But … Continue reading

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A Hell in Disguise ~ stoneronarollercoaster #writephoto

Blues of the tranquil sky Froze my gaze on that tiny arc The silver crescent Smiling down at the circus A pained smile Watching Continue reading at stoneronarollercoaster

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“Empty your mind… empty yourself…you are nothing and nowhere… just floating in the embrace of the universe…” It is a nice idea and one I have heard at the start of many a meditation… and in meditation, such a vision … Continue reading

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Crescent ~ Jay Mora-Shihadeh #writephoto

The Moonbeam Kissed the Flower While it was Sleeping With its soft-eye-petals closed the flower had a dream, that it fell Continue reading at  The Artist From The Inside Out

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Prospect #midnighthaiku

Prospecting for gold Garnering summer’s bounty Winter’s famine looms

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