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Liars and Thieves Trailer ~ D. Wallace Peach

Reblogged from Myths of the Mirror: After a day of preparing for a launch, my brain shuts down, and I relax by playing with images and music. After all the long posts, lately. I hope you enjoy this short one. … Continue reading

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Little Boat ~ Dr. Crystal Grimes #writephoto

Song on lyre. 1. My body is a little boat That sails the raging seas, Where illness, tension, pain and stress Can get the best of me. But Spirit guides my little boat To everything I need. Continue reading and … Continue reading

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A ‘Land-Loched’ Isle…

* Much of Northern Lewis looks like this… * * Continue reading at France and Vincent

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Clouded ~ Lady Lee #writephoto

Will you wait for me at eight for our date? Strait by the hills as it gives me some thrills Plains and God’s wills in your hands that’s grand On the land with clouds rolling in, no cheering crowds Continue … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Sheaves…

Dear Don, Good trip, wasn’t it? Once again time seems to have been obliging and stretched itself to fit with our meanderings. We are going to need to go south again though, with all I am reading about Marden Henge … Continue reading

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Clouded ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

Most of us want to know What goes on behind closed doors For me, even more so. Behind a low hanging cloud What does it hide? My mind goes into overdrive Like Icarus, flying too close to the sun I … Continue reading

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Strait The path Narrow lines Guiding onwards Shrouded and shadowed Both beauty and respite Call a seeker’s feet to stray Till drawn by darker temptations The light ignored for baser nature The track seems lost in a jungle of need … Continue reading

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Clouded ~ Alethea Kehas #writephoto

The dream keeper ran through Sky. Unseen by most, his ursine form clouded the blue beyond and brought the west winds to seed the stars’ wisdom into the valley between the hills. Earth waited breathless, opening her womb to receive … Continue reading

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Balance #midnighthaiku

Denial of darkness Presence of light precluded Two sides of the coin * Light and darkness meld Harmony intermingled Balanced perfection *

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