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Just a shell

It’s just a shell. Small but perfect, Picked up on the beach that day. Its sits beside the little stone you found, Children hand in hand Along a winter shore. It’s just a shell. Nothing very special There were hundreds … Continue reading

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Relief ~ Adele #writephoto

The sky is aflame. Under the relentless heat, the cracked ground cries out for relief. Then, You in Your infinite mercy, command Continue reading at  Notes to Women

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Memories – from Soul Connection #writephoto

Sitting alone one night, flood of memories flashed Unannounced… somewhere from the corner of my heart. A beautiful place, red roof house besides a huge tree. The sunny morning, playing around the trees, sitting on the branches, swinging whole day. … Continue reading

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Empty by Willow #writephoto

Rachel woke remembering the horror of Lisa’s dream. The feeling of unease she had experienced in her sleep was still with her. She padded over to check on Lisa who was standing at the sink looking out of the window. … Continue reading

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Empty by Ritu #writephoto

It wasn’t often that she got to the beach ahead of the rest of the crowds, but today was one of those days. The morning mists were just clearing, and the sun was starting to shine. Looking at the empty … Continue reading

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