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Now an eBook – Alone: A Winter in the Woods, by Felicity Sidnell Reid…

Reblogged from The Story Reading Ape: I’m excited to announce that almost five years after the publication of Alone: A Winter in the Woods as a print edition(Hidden Brook Press 2015), the book is now released as an e-book Alone: … Continue reading

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Originally posted on USUAL MUTTWITS:
I knew it, and didn’t I say I knew it beforenows…and didn’t I say, beforenows, I told yuz so? Mister Park is sitting before his shiny stainless-steel drinking bowl – ‘cept it ain’t so shiny…

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Tokens ~ Anisha #writephoto

Arts that glitter effuse hopes. Pictures in sepia echo sensibilities! Memories bundled emit happiness. Stencilled calligraphy eternalize words! Continue reading at Crazy Nerds

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Going West – An Extraordinary Place

“What are those? ” The bumps in the fields as we drove down the narrow lane looked suspiciously like the remnants of early occupation. “They look like earthworks…” It would make sense, the little church we were heading for was … Continue reading

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Black Forest… Stuart France

* … “My most dear and beloved Lady, what art, or learning can perform, with all due speed shall be accomplished, for never shall rest take hold of my heart, nor sleep close the lids of my eyes, until I … Continue reading

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A Magical Token of Friendship ~ Mason Bushell #writephoto

They say; You have to believe it to see the magic. Twelve-year-old Elsie believed with all her heart. Every time she got the chance, she’d run through her back garden and into the ancient oak woods beyond. She’d make her … Continue reading

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Dear Wen: ‘Dead Enkidu?’…

Dear Wen, … I expect that is what is so endearing about Thomas ‘the Covenanter’ although his leprosy does become a metaphor for our culture and its ‘outcasting’ of the land. A ludicrous idea if ever there was one, I … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Tokenism ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

Tokens of his love left by way of an apology before he left last night to go back to his wife and children. She dumped the flowers in the bin. At her yoga as she tried to revive herself from … Continue reading

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Coffee break

She sat down heavily at the little chrome table. She’d just have a minute. Around her the Saturday shoppers passed unaware. The tears had come from nowhere. Well, that wasn’t strictly true… it was the spectacles that had done it, … Continue reading

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Tokens ~ Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

Strips of token left by the porch A feather, apple by and large In the kitchen some cinnamon Crisp leaves that seem to come alive Continue reading at Lady Lee Manila

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