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Sex talks and the wasp sting joke – AfghanistanAdventures#48 ~ Mary Smith

Reblogged from Mary Smith’s Place: Lal-sar-Jangal, Central Afghanistan: November 1989 I was sorry to say goodbye to everyone in Waras. My horse, Zeba had fallen hopelessly in love with Ibrahim’s and couldn’t bear to let him out of her sight … Continue reading

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Interpreting Art ~ Geoff Le Pard #writephoto

Albert Albion stood back and smiled. It was as perfect as he thought it would be. He stepped forward and, shivering with anticipation, ran a finger over the rolling hills, imagining the perfect moment when the Genius committed his soul … Continue reading

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Dreaming Stones: Lap of the Gods…

It was already well after eight and the light was beginning to fade as we left Eilean Donan. During the crossing, we had booked a hotel in Ayr and, after two nights of sleeping unprepared in the car, we were … Continue reading

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Calanais: Achmore…

* For those souls with a feel for the living land, it would be wise to ‘turn away’ at this point. * The ‘dark back-drop form’ in the landscape depiction above is the line of hills known as the Cailleach-na-Mointeach. … Continue reading

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Clouded ~ Frank Hubeny #writephoto

A cloudy trail for special walks, Humble nonetheless, Justice loving mercy and A chance to praise and bless. Reblogged from Frank Hubeny at Poetry, Short Prose and Walking

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Dear Wen: Cheesehound…

Dear Wen… I see no reason why I should be blamed for the images in your head… Slugs get a bad press okay, and they have a role in nature’s grand scheme, an important role, just like pigeons in fact, … Continue reading

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Conspiratorially ~ Goutam Dutta #writephoto

At the horizon, Conspiratorially; Clouds whisper to hills. Reblogged from Goutam Dutta at Goutams’ Writings

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Open wide

To love and be loved… something that sits at the heart of every child. It is only as we grow that the accumulated disappointments, the rejections large and small, teach us to shield our hearts against being hurt again. We … Continue reading

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Racing Through the Moorlands ~ Ashlie Harris #writephoto

“Sugarbit, slow down!” My white and chestnut-spotted mare had been spooked, undoubtedly by some hideous varmint. “Whoah, whoah,” came my father’s deep voice as he rushed up behind us. “Sugarbit, halt!” With an abrupt jolt, my horse came to a … Continue reading

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Horizon #midnighthaiku

The rain dance falters Horizons painted with hope Eyes and hearts are raised  

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