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A love story, part three. Only the words. ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: As I continue to work towards telling the story of Hindle Walbarrow I find I must also bring a somewhat lesser figure to mind. I must allow the light of history to illuminate, … Continue reading

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Fantasy ~ Aseem Rastogi #writephoto

The floods played their part rendering him homeless in this quaint town Continue reading at Transition of Thoughts

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Dreaming Stones: The Circle of the Seers

We left Callanish II and turned our backs to the Callanish Stones that crown the hill over the loch, and walked up the slope towards the third stone circle. Callainish III stands atop a small hill and is actually two … Continue reading

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Originally posted on USUAL MUTTWITS:
Feeding mat? Symmetrically placed upon floor without wrinkles. Feed bowl? Centered on mat, equidistant to all four edges.  Water bowl?  Brimming with clean water. Mister Park, the Korean Jindo, lives a quiet and fastidious life…

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Calanais: Sentinels and Sights…

* Some of the stones look too tall and too thin to have stood for so long. * Especially in this wind… * Continue reading at France and Vincent

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Fantasy ~ Cheryl #writephoto

A peaceful scene. If only it was known what really happens when the tower tolls in the midnight hours. Local legends have it the tower glows and eerie bells ring out the doom of the visitor. Continue reading at The … Continue reading

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The House that Fish Built: Far Seeing One…

* …As the spencers rose to serve the food, the charioteer of Connor Cruel-Crest stood up and addressed the king, “O Far Seeing One,” he said, “many are the feats of Connor; majestic and commanding his gait, clashing swords he … Continue reading

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Fantasy ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

The town’s clock is keeping time keeping time in a clear, tinkling rhythmic rhyme. Its chime rings out in delight through the balmy air of summer’s height Continue reading at Kim Blades

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The Listener

Shadows curl around her like smoke. They are close tonight. She bats their presence away…as if they are flies that distract her from the task in hand. She cannot settle, cannot concentrate. Can’t think for their insistence. She leans back … Continue reading

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Fenella’s Island ~ Mason Bushell #writephoto

Fenella had grown into a tomboyish teen beside the ancient highland loch. She’d learned at school beneath the sandstone spire of the village church. Her life one big adventure amid the pastel cottages, rolling green hills, evergreen forests and majestic … Continue reading

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